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A Note From The Author
"Unlike Max, I've never hated picture books. This book came from a place deep inside me and although it pokes fun, it was done out of my love of children's books. I had lots of books in my house from before I can remember (I'm sure they were bought for my older brother and sister, but I soon made them mine.) and we were always walking down to the Keyport Library to get more. Many of the ones I've never forgotten are in my book but I've never stopped reading them and continue to discover new ones as they come out. I'd like to acknowledge all of the picture book authors and illustrators who inspired me throughout my life. I'm sure, like me, they were inspired by the ones that came before and we can only hope to be privileged to inspire the next generation of writers and artists."
Meet Timothy Young
Aside from being the author/illustrator of I Hate Picture Books, Timothy Young has also written and illustrated Shadows On My Wall, They're Coming and I'm Looking For A Monster! He majored in illustration at Pratt Institute and has over 30 years experience as a professional artist. Here is a partial list of the stuff he's done:


• In high school he worked as a ghoul in the Haunted Castle at Great Adventure in New Jersey.

• His first job out of college was as an animation model-maker on Pee-Wee's Playhouse. He was made head model-maker for the Penny cartoons.

• He got his first toy industry job designing and sculpting the "Penny" doll for Matchbox Toys.

• He worked on Peter Gabriel's music video for the song "Big Time". His hand appears in the video along with his models.

• He worked for the Muppets, designing and building
puppets for the NBC series "Jim Henson Presents"

• He worked for Equity Marketing designing and sculpting fast-food premium toys. While there, he sculpted the heads for the Simpsons dolls which were sold at Burger King. He was the first person to figure out how to sculpt Bart, Lisa and Maggie's hair in 3-dimensions.

• He moved to England and worked for Seven Towns, a toy invention company. He designed and sculpted for toy lines including Boglins and P.E.T. Aliens.


• He was Design Director for the Idea Factory when they produced the Meanies, the popular Beanie Babies parody toys.

• He founded Creatures & Characters, his creative development company. Along with his children's books he is developing toy lines and other concepts.

• He created the iPhone App Creatures & Characters Mix-Em-Ups.

• His first toy line, HEDZZ, will be coming out in the spring of 2013.

You can find out more about Tim and see more of his work at Creatures &

These are some of the people who helped make this book a reality:

My former agent, Ronnie Herman, who taught me a lot and guided my artistic direction.

Audrey Glassman Vernick and Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, whose seminar at the NJSCBWII conference helped inspire me to write it.

Harold Underdown, Heidi Kilgras, and Jill Corcoran, who saw early drafts and encouraged me onward.

Jennifer Ginn, author of Lobsters On The Loose and My Father Flies, who introduced me to the fine folks at Schiffer Publishing

Pete Schiffer, Jesse Marth, Dinah Roseberry, Stacey McNutt and all of the good people at Schiffer Publishing

My fellow authors in the KidLit Authors Club for all of their support.

All of the authors and illustrators I know who have been happy to find their books featured in my book. I have enjoyed watching them search.

And all of the folks who supported my Kickstarter campaign to raise some marketing funds.

Theresa Morgan
Mary Jamison
Pierrette Ashcroft
Linda Hermanns Byrd
Maria Selke
Deena Kilmon
Jamie Pierson
Samwise Aaron
Jeff Falerni
Andrew Levi
Chris Collins
Tracey Siegle Panfile
John McQuaid
  Pete Gilman
Eddie Pisapia & Tim Pinckney
Christine Noyes
Tara Lazar
Dawn Smith
Julie Hedlund
Denise MacLennan Bruce of Ingleside
Ned Norman
Carolin Boice
Danny Pettry II
Chris Lin
Donna Mae